Carcass Composition in Selected Pig Hybrids in Czech Republic

PULKRÁBEK, Jan, DAVID, Libor a VALIŠ, Libor. Carcass Composition in Selected Pig Hybrids in Czech Republic. Research in Pig Breeding, 2015, roč. 9(1), s. 10-15. ISSN 1802-7547.
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The aim of the study was to observe the carcass value by selected pigs in the hybridization programs in the Czech republic. Three hybrid combinations of pigs were put in the study sample. In the dam position were used by every of them the combination of breeds Czech Large White (ČBU) and Czech Landrace (ČL). In the sire position were used breeds Czech Large White – Sire Line (BO), Duroc (D) x Pietrain (PN) and in the third group Hampshire (H) x PN. The highest share of ham was observed in hybrids from the DxPN group – 24.94 ± 0.098 %. The hybrids having BO as sires reached the average value of the share of ham 24.57 ± 0.108 % and this value was significantly different from the other groups. Higher share of the ham was observed in the hybrids with the PN breed. The share of the tissue components in observed carcass parts were similar by all three hybrid combinations. For example the lean meat content in ham was in BO hybrids 71.46 ± 0.170 %. By the combination DxPN was the ham a bit leaner 71.72 ± 0.154 % and by the third combination (HxPN) reached the value 71.08 ± 0.182 %. These differences were very low and not significant.

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