Dairy Cow Daily Time Budget as an Indicator of Welfare, Health and Biosecurity

NOVÁK, Pavel, MALÁ, Gabriela. SMUTNÁ, S. a SMUTNÝ, L., 2017 Dairy Cow Daily Time Budget as an Indicator of Welfare, Health and Biosecurity. In XVIII ISAH Congress 2017. Mexico: Autonomous University of Sinaloa, s. 109-114. ISSN
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Dairy cows need to be provided certain environmental requirements to sup­port their natural behaviour, well-being, optimal productivity, fertility and health. The housing environment must provide each cow with unhindered ac­cess to feed, water, and a comfortable resting area. The interactions among feeding, resting and rumination are critical to the cow comfort. A free-stall housed dairy cow has six key daily activities. She needs time for eating, lying and resting, social interaction, ruminating, drinking and time spending out­side the pens included milking. The aim of the study was to determine dairy cows‘ daily time budget during the one year monitoring. We analysed 24-hour basic daily activities collected from 96 dairy cows housed in three free stall barns in three farms. The observed parameters were evaluated by Statistica software (non-parametric tests). During our monitoring we found the follow­ing structure of daily activities: eating 4-5 hours/day (range 3-6) (obviously from 9 to 14 meals/day), lying and resting in the boxes 12.6 hours/day (range 12 to 14), spent 2.4 hours/day (range 2 – 3) in social interaction, ruminate (in standing and lying position) 8.2 hours/day (range 7 – 10), drinking 0.5 hour/ day (range 0.2 – 1.5) and 2.6 hours/day (range 2.5 – 3.5) spending outside the pen for travel to and from the parlour, milking. Cows housed in free stall facili­ties on concrete floors require a minimum of 12 hour/day of rest in a comfort­able stall. When their time budget is challenged through increased time out of the pen milking, overstocking, poor stall design, heat stress and prolonged

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