Economic importance of the number of functional teats in the Czech pig breeds

KRUPOVÁ, Zuzana, WOLFOVÁ, Marie, KRUPA, Emil a ŽÁKOVÁ, Eliška., 2020 Economic importance of the number of functional teats in the Czech pig breeds. In Book of Abstracts of the 71st Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science. Wageningen: Wageningen Academic, s. 383. ISSN
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Breeding for higher litter size provided in last decades have had economic and as well welfare consequences. Management interventions are needed in pig farms when the litter size routinely exceed the number of functional teats (NFTs). From the genetic point of view selection for higher NFTs is possible. Therefore, economic weight (EW) of the NFTs was calculated in this study using the enhanced bio-economic model of the EWPIG software. The EW represented the cost differences between naturally and artificially reared piglets until weaning and the cost differences between those animals in finishing period (due to lower growth rate of artificially reared piglets). In total, EW were calculated for the complex of 19 traits of two dam breeds (Czech Large White and Czech Landrace) used in the national breeding system. The evaluated traits were related to growth, prolificacy, carcass, feed efficiency and health. Conception rate of sows and gilts, number of piglets born alive, survival of piglets at birth and until weaning, NFTs and sperm quality traits were considered there as prolificacy traits. Economic effect (EW) of increasing the NFTs by one teat was 8.5 € and 21.1 € per sow of the Czech Large White and Czech Landrace, respectively.

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