Effect of Housing Technology for Lactating Sows on their Reproduction Parameters

WEISBAUEROVÁ, Eva, NEVRKLA, P., BĚLKOVÁ, Jaroslava, HADAŠ, Z., ČTVRTLÍKOVÁ KNITLOVÁ, D., SEČKÁŘ, J., LUSTYKOVÁ, Alena a ROZKOT, Miroslav. Effect of Housing Technology for Lactating Sows on their Reproduction Parameters. Research in Pig Breeding , 2023, roč. 17(1), s. 11-14. ISSN 1802-7547.
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The aim of the work was to compare reproduction parameters of sows housed in two different technologies. The sows were of the same genotype (Prestice Black Pied breed). A total of 69 sows with mixed parity were used, 29 sows were housed in technology A and 40 sows in technology B. Technology A: individual housing in farrowing crates with fixation of sow during lactation period, pens were equipped with a separate feeder for piglets and sow, floor was partially concrete and slatted (plastic grates). Technology B: farrowing pens with separate space for piglets, sow without fixation, floor was partially slatted and equipped with plastic grates. Technology B allows movement of the sow during lactation period, piglets are 2 days after birth restricted in movement throughout the pen. The system of sow feeding was the same in both technologies, access to water was unlimited for both the sow and piglets during the lactation period. Piglets were weaned at 28 ±1 day of age. The stables were permanently monitored by camera system. Parameters of reproduction efficiency were monitored during lactation period in each sow: number of total born piglets, number of live born piglets, number of weaned piglets, piglet loses from birth to weaning, cause of piglet losses. The number of total born piglets/litter was 11.00 ± 2.22 in technology A and 10.44 ± 2.69 in technology B (P>0.05). Piglet losses were at the level 8.12 % in technology A and 8.19 % in technology B. There were not found statistically significant differences in monitored reproduction parameters between technology A and B.

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