Effect of two systems of goat farming on milk production and quality

MALÁ, Gabriela, NOVÁK, Pavel, KNÍŽEK, Josef a PROCHÁZKA, David., 2018 Effect of two systems of goat farming on milk production and quality. In 10o SEMINARIO INTERNACIONAL EN REPRODUCCIÓN ANIMAL Y PRODUCCIÓN DE LECHE Y CARNE. Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana - Unidad Xochimilco, Mexico: Casa abierta al tiempo Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana - Unidad Xochimilco, s. 158-162. ISSN
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The aim of the study was to determine the level of rearing environmental hygiene on the body surface cleanness and the production and quality of goat milk in two different farming systems of goats during the one lactation. The monitoring was carried out six times during one lactation period on six goat farms (White short-haired). The farms were divided into two groups according to systems of goat farming. The first goat farming system was adopted in three farms (1294 goats). Goats were kept year-round in a barn with free access to outdoor runs. Goats were fed in the stable with a total mixed feed. The second goat farming system was also used in three farms (362 goats). Goats were grazed during the day and were kept in a stable at night. In this method, the goats were supplemented their diet as well. Milk yield, fat and protein yield, fat and protein content were measured in the whole herd of every farm. Cleanliness of the body surface of ten goats (tail head, upper rear limb, ventral abdomen, udder and lower rear limbs) was sensory evaluated by one reviewer before milking according to the five scales by Reneau et al. Individual milk samples were taken off from these goats on every farm. In the milk samples (30 ml) were determined of selected microbiological parameters (total bacteria count – TBC, coliform bacteria count- CB, somatic cells count – SCC). The goat farming system influences milk production and quality. The high level of cleanness of body surface is the basis for the production of quality milk in all systems of goat farming.

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