Evaluation of Boar Insemination Doses In Different Extenders

FRYDRYCHOVÁ, Soňa, LUSTYKOVÁ, Alena, SEIFERT, Josef, WEISBAUEROVÁ, Eva, KUCHAŘOVÁ, Stanislava a ROZKOT, Miroslav., 2023 Evaluation of Boar Insemination Doses In Different Extenders. In Proceedings animal science:Sustainable livestock production and animal welfare. Kyjev, Ukrajina: National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, s. 46. ISSN
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The objective of this study was to assess progressive sperm motility (PSM) by CASA system, viability and acrosome integrity by flow cytometry in boar insemination doses (ID) prepared in short-term and long-term extenders. In conclusion, it can be stated that when using objective methods of ID quality assessment, no differences were detected in the diluents for a storage period.

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