EWRAB – a program to calculate economic values for rabbit breeding

KRUPOVÁ, Zuzana, KRUPA, Emil a WOLFOVÁ, Marie., 2020 EWRAB – a program to calculate economic values for rabbit breeding. In Book of Abstracts of the 71st Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science. Wageningen: Wageningen Academic, s. 196. ISSN
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Rabbits are popular source of healthy meat with high nutritional value. A little profit usually generated form rabbitry can be solved by genetic improvement of performance through animal selection. Economic values and economic weights representing the economic importance of the traits and are useful for making the objective decision for selection purposes. Therefore, the comprehensive bio-economic model of the EWRAB software was developed to calculate the economic importance for complex of 20 production, reproduction, health, carcass and feed efficiency traits. In the model, these production systems can be applied: purebreeding system, two-way crossing system (applying crossbreeding for part of doe herd), and three-way crossing system (commercial systems with terminal crossing). Markov chain methodology was applied there to calculate the stationary state of doe herds. To compute the feed costs in certain time periods of animal the energy and protein requirement based on animal weight, growth rate.

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