Improvement of accuracy in the estimation of lean meat content in pig carcasses

VÍTEK, Martin, PULKRÁBEK, Jan, VALIŠ, Libor, DAVID, Libor a WOLF, Jochen. Improvement of accuracy in the estimation of lean meat content in pig carcasses. Czech Journal of Animal Science, 2008, 53, 204-211. ISSN 1212-1819.
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Fat thickness including skin and muscle depth was measured in pig hybrid carcasses. The lean meat content was then determined based on simplified dissections of the carcasses. The basic regression formulae for the ultrasound and probe apparatuses were constructed and the relationships between the lean meat content and other indicators of carcass value were assessed. The highest correlation coefficient was determined in the ratio of the fat cover area above the longissimus muscle depth (MLLT) to the MLLTarea. The lean meat content demonstrated the lowest correlation with the cold carcass weight. Major carcass cuts (ham, loin, shoulder, belly with bones) from the carcasses classified in different SEUROP classes were evaluated. Significant differences between the classes were found in the proportions of cuts without fat cover, fat thickness measured at point P2, and fat thickness measured on the midline plane separating the left and right sides of the carcass.

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