Pig carcass quality and pH1 values of meat

PULKRÁBEK, Jan, PAVLÍK, J. a VALIŠ, Libor. Pig carcass quality and pH1 values of meat. Czech Journal of Animal Science, 2004, 49, 38-42. ISSN 1212-1819.
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The data from 964 pig carcasses were examined with the objective to determine the relationship between a high carcass lean meat content in currently used pig hybrids and deterioration of the quality traits important for further processing of meat. The average slaughter weight of pigs was equal to 106.2 plus minus 0.417 kg. Lean meat percentage determined by the FOM instrument with the average value of 54.50 plus minus 0.139 % was used as the main quantitative carcass trait.

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