Pre-orbital gland opening during aggressive interactions in rusa deer (Rusa timorensis)

CEACERO, Francisco, PLUHÁČEK, Jan, KOMÁRKOVÁ, Martina a ZÁBRANSKÝ, M. Pre-orbital gland opening during aggressive interactions in rusa deer (Rusa timorensis). Behavioural Processes, 2015, 111, 51-54. ISSN 0376-6357.
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The opening of the preorbital gland in cervids has a visual meaning and is frequently associated with agonistic and/or stress related situations. Apart from in red deer, this behaviour has scarcely been studied and the range of situations when it may occur remains unclear. In this study we report the unusual case of preorbital gland opening in rusa deer, Rusa timorensis, associated to direct aggressive agonistic interaction (biting/kicking) between two adult hinds. This case observed in Tierpark Berlin (Germany) is the first one ever recorded in female–female interactions in cervids. Preorbital gland opening was also studied in 116 social interactions in Plzeň Zoo (Czech Republic). Preorbital gland opening by the dominant adult male was twice observed with relation to alert behaviour, which is also rare. In order to contextualise our observations we summarise the current knowledge about the behaviour associated with preorbital gland opening in R. timorensis and in cervids in general.

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