Production of insect larvae suitable for livestock feeding on a meat and bone meal substrate

BĚLKOVÁ, Jaroslava, ROZKOT, Miroslav, ŠULÁKOVÁ, H., WEISBAUEROVÁ, Eva a KUCHAŘOVÁ, Stanislava. Production of insect larvae suitable for livestock feeding on a meat and bone meal substrate. Research in Pig Breeding , 2023, roč. 17(2), s. 1-5. ISSN 1802-7547.
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Interest in the possibility of using insects as a link in the food chain for animals is constantly growing. Based on numerous studies, insects have been shown to be a high-quality feed source for livestock and their use as a sustainable feed ingredient is technically feasible. Insect larvae can be reared on low-grade bio-waste and can turn this bio-waste into high quality proteins. Meat and bone meal was previously used as a valuable feed before there was a legislative restriction and now is usually disposed of as waste by incineration. It would be more advantageous to use this material more efficiently, in contrast to direct feeding to pigs and poultry, which is prohibited, to transform it into insect meal, which is more acceptable in terms of legislation and safety. We have decided to verify the possibility of breeding fly larvae (Lucilia sericata) on meat bone meal substrate, check the production in terms of risks and describe the resulting material. Based on the results of the experiment, we can state that such larval production is possible, but the native substrate needs to be modified to increase larval survival and improve development. The obtained raw material is a valuable high protein feed ingredient.

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