Activity and cellular localization of amylases of rabbit cecal bacteria

SIROTEK, Kamil, MAROUNEK, Milan a SUCHORSKÁ, O. Activity and cellular localization of amylases of rabbit cecal bacteria. Folia Microbiologica, 2006, 51, 309-312. ISSN 0015-5632.
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Five 11-week-old rabbits, fed a commercial granulated feed, were slaughtered and cecal starch-degrading bacteria enumerated. The activity and cellular localization of amylases was determined in 9 bacteria identified as strains of Actinomyces israeli, Bacteroides spp., Dichelobacter nodosus, Milsuokella multiacidus, Eubacterium spp., Clostridium spp. Four strains produced extracellular amylases; in five strains amylases were membrane-bound. All strains exhibited a low intracellular amylolytic activity. The pH optimum of amylases was 6.8-7.0. In strains producing extracellular amylases a substantial loss of viscosity was observed during incubations of cultivation supernatant with starch; this indicates an endo-type (random cleavage) of extracellular amylase reaction in the bacteria under study. No strain possessed glucoamylase activity.

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