Does stream morphology predict the home range size in burbot?

SLAVÍK, O., BARTOŠ, Luděk a MATTAS, D. Does stream morphology predict the home range size in burbot?. Enviromental Biology of Fishes, 2005, 74, 89-98. ISSN 0378-1909.
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To determine whether burbot occupy defined home range in rivers, we radio-tracked individuals in the Ohře River in the Czech Republic. We also tested the hypothesis that the size of burbot home range would correlate with the fish mass. Burbots strong attraction to suitable refuges was the basis for our second hypotheses, that its diurnal behavior would reflect refuge availability in the riverine environment. To test these hypotheses, we analyzed data on fish movements in relation to depth, velocity, substratum size and river slope. During the night, burbot preferred deeper areas with lower slope and finer substrates than during daylight hours. The home range was smaller in areas with low or zero slopes, and significantly increased with increasing riverslope. There was no relationship between home range size and fish mass. River slope appeared to be the main predictor of the burbots home range size.