Effect of grazing intensity and dung on herbage and soil nutrients

PAVLŮ, Klára, KASSAHUN, Teowdroes, NWAOGU, Chukwudi, PAVLŮ, Lenka, GAISLER, Jan, HOMOLKA, Petr a PAVLŮ, Vilém. Effect of grazing intensity and dung on herbage and soil nutrients. Plant Soil and Environment, 2019, 65, 343-348. ISSN 1214-1178.
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Dung deposited by grazing animals is a key driver affecting sward structure and nutrient cycling in pastu­res. We tested herbage and soil properties in three types of tall sward-height patches (> 10 cm): (i) patches with dung under intensive grazing; (ii) patches with dung under extensive grazing; and (iii) patches with no dung under extensive grazing. These patches were compared with grazed swards under intensive and extensive grazing. Analyses indicated no significant effect of different types of patches on plant available nutrients. Herbage nutrient concentra­tions from the different types of patches differed significantly. The highest concentrations of nitrogen (30.65 /kg),phosphorus (4.51 g/kg) and potassium (22.06 g/kg) in the herbage dry matter were in the tall patches with dung presence under intensive grazing regime because of nutrients from dung utilized for sward regrowth. Regardless of dung presence, similar herbage nutrient concentrations were revealed in non-grazed tall sward-height patches in extensive grazing regime. The presence of dung did not have any effect on the plant available nutrients in any type of patches, therefore we suppose that non-utilized nutrients were probably leached, volatilised or transformed into unavailable forms and thus soil nutrient enrichment was low.

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