Pig Vocalisations as a Measure of Hunger

ŠPINKA, Marek, ILLMANNOVÁ, Gudrun, CHALOUPKOVÁ, Helena, NÁMĚSTKOVÁ, Petra a NEUHAUSEROVÁ, Kristýna. Pig Vocalisations as a Measure of Hunger. In Assessment of Animal Welfare Measures for Sows, Piglets and Fattening Pigs. Wageningen: Animal Sciences Group, 2009, s. 1-13. ISBN 1-902647-80-7.
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Vocalizations offer a suitable noninvasive indicator of the welfare state of domestic animals. We tested whether they could be used to measure hunger and/or aggression in pregnant sows around feeding. Sixteen groups of 3-6 pregnant sows were observed for25 min around feeding. The sows were made hungry by manipulating the amount of food on the previous feeding. Increasing hunger doubled the incidence of aggression. Vocalisations either before or after food was given were unaffected by hunger. However, after the food was given vocalisations correlated with aggression (r=0.85). The validity of vocalizations as a measure of the stressfulness was only partly supported for aggression but not for hunger.