Economic metaanalysis of impact of once a day milking  

KVAPILÍK, Jindřich, HANUŠ, O., ROUBAL, P. a FILIP, V. Economic metaanalysis of impact of once a day milking  . Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science, 2015, 21, 419-428. ISSN 1310-0351.
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The impact of changeover of cow group from two (TAD) to once a day (OAD) milking was observed and evaluated in the course of short time experiment. It had as consequence the milk yield (MY) reduction by 30%, milk fat and protein concentration and production decrease by 0.10 and 0.01% and 216 and 151 g per cow/day and somatic cell count (SCC) increase by 125 103× ml-1. According to References this changeover can show lower MY by 10-30% (with mean 20), higher fat percentage by 0-0.35 (0.13), higher protein percentage by 0-0.27 (0.11) and higher SCC by 5-70 103× ml-1(35). The highest economical losses are caused by lower MY. The savings are reached at first of all at labour costs, intake of concentrates and some lower items (transport, energy, water, disinfectants and so on). The costs per cow were reduced by 9,525 CzC (20%), the milk takings by 13,580 CzC (31%) and gain by 4,055 CzC in experimental cow group after changeover to OAD milking. The milk takings were reduced by 18, 23 and 28%, estimated costs by 16, 19 and 21% and gain by 1,288, 2,825 and 4,360 CzC in three model dairy cow groups after under consideration MY decrease in consequence of changeover to OAD milking from 7,000 litres of milk by 20, 25 and 30%. Considering productive and nonproductive functions of cattle rearing the possibility and advantageousness of economical support of dairy cow pasture under less favourable conditions should be taken into account.

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