Effect of horse age on gas concentrations in stables

KALÍŠEK, Jan, ŠOCH, Miloslav, ONDR, P., KNÍŽKOVÁ, Ivana a CIML, J., 2016 Effect of horse age on gas concentrations in stables. In Mendel and Bioclimatology. Brno: Mendel University, s. 128-137. ISSN 978-80-7509-397-4
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One of the problems currently facing livestock is the higher densities per unit area. At the same time there are increasing demands on the animals with regards to their performance. It is therefore necessary to know objectively what the demands of the animals are in relation to their actual needs. This is not a subjective matter. It is necessary to monitor the effects of individual factors and their complex effects on livestock. Animal performance and thus the breeding success as a whole depends on many factors – nutrition during rearing, hygiene, veterinary care, the livestock breed and their physiological capabilities, and the micro-climatic conditions in the stable. The measurement of stable gas, which is technically difficult, took place at the National Stud Farm in Kladruby. Measurements were taken once per month over a 24 hour cycle during the period April 2011 – March 2012. The aim of this study was to investigate the concentrations of stable gases – carbon dioxide, methane, hydrogen sulphide and ammonia in the stables with only adult mares and foals. Of interest were the variations in the concentration of these gases over the year.

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