RO0723 The development of livestock in multifunctional agriculture 2023 - 2027
QK23020085 New approaches in piglet production with focus on welfare, environmental protection and production economics 2023 - 2025
QK23020011 Development of strategies to reduce greenhouse gases and ammonia emissions from livestock in the Czech Republic 2023 - 2025
QK22020132 New methods of pig carcass classification 2022 - 2024
QK22020280 Use of genomic selection to optimise the resilience of dairy cattle 2022 - 2024
QK21010344 Effective resources of proteins in nutrition of cattle 2021 - 2025
CZ.02.2.69/0.0/0.0/18_053/0017294 (EF18_053/0017294) International Mobility IAS 2021 - 2023
QK21010038 Early prediction of health risks and reproduction disorders in dairy cows using the extended spectrum of parameters obtained from milk composition analysis 2021 - 2025
QK21020304 The influence of the level of livestock management and prevention of diseases, including biosecurity, on the reduction of antimicrobials usage and the spread of antimicrobial resistance 2021 - 2023
LTV20020 Support for the participation in the activities of the International Society for Animal Genetics (ISAG) 2020 - 2022
TP01010047 Research, development and innovation in animal production: Applying scientific knowledge to increase competitiveness 2020 - 2022
QK1920187 African swine fever in the Czech Republic: Study of molecular epidemiology and biological characteristics of Czech virus isolates 2019 - 2021
QK1910242 Elimination of risk factors for dairy cow health and reproduction using systems of automatic measurement and collection of data 2019 - 2023
QK1910387 Quality and safety meat of chicken fed with insect meal, limited feed intake and pasture 2019 - 2023
QK1910156 New approaches for the preservation of endangered livestock populations 2019 - 2023
LTAUSA19 Verification of genomic procedures in small populations 2019 - 2022
17/005/1611a/563/000105 Family-type pig rearing with insemination of lactating sows 2019 - 2020
QK1910082 Addressing the problem of the occurrence of bacterial, protozoan and viral zoonotic agents in small ruminant breeds 2019 - 2023
QK1910438 Reduction the use of antibiotics by environmentally-friendly prebiotic and probiotic feed additives in the nutrition of calves 2019 - 2023
QK1920037 Determination of current emission factors for ammonia, methane and dinitrogen oxide from livestock production and the design of methods for their reduction 2019 - 2021
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