Biology of Reproduction Regulation and Maturing of Mammalian Oocytes
, Embryo Biotechnology
Ethology Ethology and Welfare of Cervids and Equids
, Ethology and Welfare of Cattle and Pigs
Nutritional Physiology and Animal Product Quality Poultry Nutrition Physiology
, Microbiology Laboratory
, Laboratories
, Nutrition and Experimental Breeding of Broiler Rabbits
, Research Using Laboratory Rodents
Genetics and Breeding of Farm Animals Dairy Cattle Genetics
, Breeding Economy and Ecoweight Programme
, Horse Genetics
, Beef Cattle Genetics
, Molecular Genetics
, Small Ruminant Genetics
, Pig Genetics
Pig Breeding Pig Production Systems
, Pig Reproduction
, Classification Of Pig Carcasses
Cattle Breeding Dairy Cattle Breeding
, Economics of Cattle Production
, Beef Cattle Breeding and Quality of Meat
Genetic Resources
Livestock Technology and Management Creating and Evaluating Breeding Environment
, Technology and Management of Ruminants
, Technology and Management of Ruminants II.
Nutrition and Feeding of Farm Animals Prediction of Nutritional Value, Digestion in Ruminants
, Nutritional Management of High-Producing Dairy Cows
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