NameDepartmentPhone (+420) /Ext.Occupation
Bartoň Luděk, Ing., Ph.D. Cattle Breeding
267009525Head of scientific department
Bartoš Luděk, prof. Ing., DrSc. Ethology
Bartošová Hana, Mgr. Ethology
Bartošová Jitka, doc. Ing., Ph.D. Ethology
267009598Head of scientific department
Bečková Ilona Documentation and Publicity
Bělková Jaroslava, Ing., Ph.D. Pig Breeding
Beneš František, Ing. ICT Department
267009593Division worker
Beneš Stanislav Section of Animal Production
267009555Division worker
Birovaš Alena, Ing., Ph.D. Biometric Unit
, Genetics and Breeding of Farm Animals
Brožík František, Ing. Accounting and Payroll Office
, Director
267009632Head of division
Brzáková Michaela, Ing. Biometric Unit
, Genetics and Breeding of Farm Animals
Burdych Jiří, Ing., MBA Nutrition and Feeding of Farm Animals
267009534Research assistant
Bureš Daniel, Ing., Ph.D. Cattle Breeding
Čermák Ladislav, Mgr., Ph.D. Nutritional Physiology and Animal Product Quality
267009717, 267009696Scientist
Čermák Pavel, Dr. Ing. 267009650Head of division
Černá Michaela, Ing. Ph.D. Genetics and Breeding of Farm Animals
267009629Research assistant
Chocholová Bohumila Documentation and Publicity
267009524Division worker
Codl Jan, Ing. Research Coordination and Planning
, Technology Transfer Center
267009558Research assistant
Dobrovodská Jana Accounting and Payroll Office
267009549Division worker
Domin Jozef Section of Safety, Health and Environment Protection, Fire Prevention, Building Investment Management, Energetics, Water Management
267009697Division worker
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