Foreign trade of the Czech Republic in livestock commodities

SYRŮČEK, Jan and BARTOŇ, Luděk. Foreign trade of the Czech Republic in livestock commodities. Náš chov, 2020, vol. 80(8), p. 16-20. ISSN 0027-8068.
CathegoryPublication in specialized journals
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Foreign trade is an important part of the national economy in most countries of the world. In the Czech Republic, foreign trade contributes significantly to total domestic production and GDP. The aim of the foreign trade is to cover domestic demand and ensure the sale of surplus domestic products. The total agrarian foreign trade of the Czech Republic as well as the foreign trade with commodities of animal production have been showing a negative balance in recent years. The Czech Republic has long been dependent on imports of animal commodities, particularly meat. The major animal origin commodity with the highest share in agrarian imports was pork meat. In contrast, the Czech Republic has a positive trade balance in milk. In 2019, totally 270, 110 and 41 thousand tons of pork, poultry and beef, respectively, were imported to the Czech Republic, accounting for 47, 27 and 28 %, respectively, of domestic consumption. On the other hand, 1 080 thousand tons of milk and dairy product were exported (35 % of domestic production). Germany, Poland and Slovakia were identified as the largest trading partners for the commodities of animal origin.