Agrarian foreign trade with Poland

KVAPILÍK, Jindřich and SYRŮČEK, Jan. Agrarian foreign trade with Poland. Zemědělec, 2019, vol. 27(11), p. 44. ISSN .
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In recent years, the total volume of foreign trade in the Czech Republic and Poland has increased every year, and the agrarian sector is an important area in the foreign trade of both countries. In Poland, in 2017 there was a positive balance of foreign trade in agrarian products, while in the Czech Republic since 1999 agrarian imports are higher than exports. Of the selected agricultural commodities, Poland recorded the highest positive balance of meat in 2016. Several problematic imports of beef and poultry meat from Poland to the Czech Republic and other EU countries in the past weeks will probably result in a loss of consumer confidence in the quality of Polish food combined with a decline in their purchase. For Czech consumers is a positive fact, the rapid response of Czech control authorities to this situation by introducing extended quality controls of imported food from Poland. One of the reliable ways to ensure food quality and food safety is to focus on products of domestic origin.