Somatic cell count in sheep milk

TANČÍN, Vladimír, UHRINČAŤ, Michal, MILERSKI, Michal, VRŠKOVÁ, Martina, MAČUHOVÁ, Lucia and BARANOVIČ, Štefan. Somatic cell count in sheep milk. Náš chov, 2017, vol. 77(7), p. 47-49. ISSN .
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The paper presents the current scientific information related to the possible relationship of somatic cells count (SCC) in milk to udder health and milk yield in dairy ewes. In the world, applied research is focused on understanding of the relationship between SCC and mammary gland health through the presence of microorganisms. Many milk samples with high SCC are microbiologically negative, underlining the importance of research at the molecular level. Limits for SCC indicating health problems of ewe’s udder are not yet established but during the last decades the proposal for limits decreased with time.