Relationship between foot and claw disease to exterior in Holstein cattle

ZAVADILOVÁ, Ludmila, KAŠNÁ, Eva, FLEISCHER, Petr, KRUPA, Emil, ŠTÍPKOVÁ, Miloslava and KREJČOVÁ, Michaela. Relationship between foot and claw disease to exterior in Holstein cattle. Chovatelské listy, 2018, vol. 2018(1), p. 22-26. ISSN .
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The article deals with the relationship of the exterior to the occurrence of the diseases of foot and claw disorders in Holstein cattle. The logistic regression was used to evaluate the risks associated with claw conformation traits, and the linear animal model to evaluate the genetic correlations between the traits. The dataset included 9,422 cows with an assessment of the conformation traits and foot and claw diseases: infectious diseases, claw lesions, and the overall incidence of disorders. Heritability of diseases was about 8%. The genetic correlations between the claw diseases and the claw conformation traits were within the range of 3 to 48% in absolute values. There was a strong genetic relationship to the rear legs rear view, rear leg set (side view), foot angle and locomotion, also composite trait feet and legs. As a risk factor for an occurrence of foot and claw disease were sickled rear legs, extreme toe out, very low foot angle, and severe abduction. In cows with a very good overall rating of feet and legs, the risk of the disease is the lowest.