Changes in the milk and meat market as a possible consequence of the covid-19 pandemic.

SYRŮČEK, Jan and BARTOŇ, Luděk. Changes in the milk and meat market as a possible consequence of the covid-19 pandemic.. Náš chov, 2020, vol. 80(12), p. 18-22. ISSN 0027-8068.
CathegoryPublication in specialized journals
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In each market there are changes in the structure and volume of goods and services offered and demanded, changes in prices, etc. The agricultural market is no exception and in 2020 the global pandemic of COVID-19 and the associated measures against the spread of this disease will certainly affect development. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, among others, assesses and provides information on global impacts on agricultural markets, and says that “most current assessments generally anticipate declining supply and demand for agricultural products and point to possible disruptions to international trade and logistics “. On the milk market in the Czech Republic, it was evident that milk deliveries to Czech dairies in the first eight months of 2020 were higher in all months than in the previous year, and in eight months they increased by a total of 4.7%. Deliveries also increased on average for the 27 states of the European Union. The development of meat production in the Czech Republic shows that in the seven months of 2020, the number of slaughters in cattle and pigs decreased slightly by 2.3 and 1.7% compared to the same period of the previous year. The price is often related to the volume of the quantity offered. The results of the statistical survey of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic determining the purchase prices of Czech dairies show a year-on-year drop in milk prices in the eight months of 2020 year-on-year by 3.7%. The year-on-year decline in milk purchase prices in 2020 was also recorded in most EU countries.