Utilization of selected nanotechnologies for design and verification of the best available techniques (BAT) in agricultural activities

Project no. QH92195
Category PROJEKTY NAZV / National Agency for Agricultural Research PROJECTS
ProviderMZE ČR

Livestock animal production is a great source of pollutant emissions in the air. The objective of the study is to verify and asses utilization of TiO2 a as possibility for ammonia, greenhouse gases and odor abatement in the stables of livestock breeding.TiO2 catalytic painting is considered as a nanotechnology and is used in many areas of building or food industry. Animal production is also feedstock for safety foodstuff production (meat, milk, eggs). Due to the reasons it is very important to keep animals in clean and germfree indoor the stables environment. The study is also focused on pathogenic microorganism prevention, reduction and elimination directly in the stables and joined technologies (e.g. dairy room, manure storage). Instead of chemicalagents utilization there will be used a sanitation system based on electrolyzed oxidizing water. The technology seems to be safer for environment and cheaper alternative to conventional cleaning and sanitizing systems.

Period2009 - 2011
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