Factors affecting gass emissions from livestock farming

DOLEJŠ, Jan, KOSOVÁ, Martina, TOUFAR, Oldřich, KNÍŽEK, Josef a ADAMEC, Tomáš., 2009 Factors affecting gass emissions from livestock farming. In Aktuální otázky bioklimatologie zvířat 2009. Praha Uhříněves: Výzkumný ústasv živočišné výroby v.v.i., s. 11-14. ISSN 978-80-7403-025-3
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Measuring ranges according to the temperature of 20 K in cattle and c.10 K in pig fattening are demonstrated on 4 longterm measurements of ammonia emission (c.1 year). Detecting minimum and maximum values of emissions had the rang of 1:1.64 (10.19-16.67kg/head/year) in dairy cows and the range of 1:1.89 (6.39-12.07) in fattening buls, while in pig fattening it was only 1:1,13 (2.32-2.59). The dependence of ammonia emission on the weght of fattening pigs was detected during the next long time monitoring. Emission range of 1:1.66 (1.75-2.91) was achieved during the time from the start of fattening to the slaughter. Standardization of gas emission measurement is affected negatively also by the dietetic defects. Using 3 axamples the effect of this is presented mainly in ammonia emission but also in other gases. Ammonia emission was increased by 177.8 %, by 86 % and in 3rd case by 17.4 % in ammonia by 104.5 % in methane and by 90.7 % in CO2.