IAS at the Researchers´ Night of the National Museum of Agriculture

The traditional event for the public, the Researchers´ Night, was held at the National Museum of Agriculture in Prague on Friday, 5th October, 2018. The mission of the event is to promote science and technology. The Department of Ethology had prepared a very interesting popularization program „Behavior under a Magnifying Glass or else Being an Animal for a While“ for visitors to the Researchers´ Night.

In an entertaining way, Doc. Ing. Jitka Bartošová, Ph.D., Doc. RNDr. Marek Špinka, CSc. and RNDr. Gudrun Illmannová, CSc. were answering various questions asked by visitors such as „What does a horse´s face look like when it´s laughing or when its back hurts?“ „What would a sow do if she was released from a pigsty to the forest?“, „How many carrots kill a goat?“. Both children and adults were informed about livestock farming, vocal communication between animals and animal well-being (welfare).


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