The workshop “Immunogenetics and Livestock Breeding for Disease Resistance” has been postponed to 25 – 26 May 2021. The workshop will be held in the Conference Centre Floret in Průhonice near Prague.

To sum up the current state of the immunogenetics of farm species and to find out the ways how to integrate this knowledge into the evaluation algorithms and breeding schemes.

The choice of the topic reflects the fact that the apparent gap between the breeding evaluation and prediction on one side and the mechanisms forming the complex traits on the other becomes to be overcome by the comprehensive genome characterization. Therefore, two main areas of the workshop will be concentrated on the identification of causal variants in immunity genes and on the ways of using the information on causal variation and gene annotation for genetic prediction in breeding.

Attention will be paid to the impact produced by the progress in understanding and modelling gene function in the FAANG initiative in the functional annotation of animal genomes. In parallel, any reports illustrating the current advances in animal immunogenetics and breeding for health traits will be welcomed.

25 – 26 May 2021 Conference Centre Floret in Průhonice

Contact:, +420 267 009 567, 744, 560, +420 776 056 323.




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