Minister of Agriculture Marek Výborný at IAS

On Thursday, 30 November 2023, the Minister of Agriculture Marek Výborný. M.S. visited the Institute of Animal Science in Prague-Uhrineves. The meeting with the Director of the Institute was attended by the Deputy Directors of the Institute for research, purpose activities and economy.

The IAS Director Dr. Pavel Čermák presented the activities and management of the IAS. Marek Výborný got acquainted with the laboratory of the Biology of Reproduction department in the presence of Dr. Josef Fulka. At the end of his visit, the Minister saw the IAS farm in Netluky where the cattle breeds included in the National Programme for the Conservation and Utilisation of Genetic Resources, Czech Red Cattle and Czech Simmental are kept. Marek Výborný appreciated the warm welcome, it was his first visit to the Institute of Animal Science during his term.

Marek Výborný o VÚŽV


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