Utilization of selected lupin varieties in nutrition of farm animals

Project no. QG60142
Category PROJEKTY NAZV / National Agency for Agricultural Research PROJECTS
ProviderMZE ČR

The purpose of this project is a complex research of utilization of lupin seeds in four categories of farm animals: poultry, pigs, rabbits and dairy cows. Seeds of lupin varieties available in the Czech Republic will be analyzed and their degradability determined. On basis of analyses and other experiments the best varieties will be chosen for animal trials. In cooperation with a specialized laboratory antinutritive compounds present in lupin seeds will be assayed. In the project the utilization of whole lupin seeds for dairy cows, de-hulled seeds for monogastric animals, and lupin hulls for rabbits is considered. In animal experiments, the effect of lupin seeds on production parameters, health status and animal products quality will be investigated. In this project lupin represents an alternative to banned feed ingredients of animal origin. Contrary to soya, lupin seeds available on the Czech market are not genetically modified. We consider lupin not only as a source of protein, but also as a source

Period2006 - 2009
Databse link (CZ)QG60142