Climate change and animals - science fiction or reality?

NOVÁK, Pavel, MALÁ, Gabriela, KOČIŠOVÁ, A. a VOKŘÁLOVÁ, J., 2019 Climate change and animals - science fiction or reality?. In Aktuální otázky bioklimatologie zvířat 2019. Praha Uhříněves: Výzkumný ústasv živočišné výroby v.v.i., s. 54-56. ISSN 978-80-7403-226-4
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Global warming has two way effects on animal production system. Directly negatively affect affects the health, production and reproduction. On the other hand there are indirect effects on animal production due to change in soil fertility, changes in vegetation composition, rangeland degradation, desertification and decrease in production of feed stuffs. Animals exposed to heat stress reduce feed intake and increase water intake. Environmental stressors reduce body weight, average daily gain and body condition of livestock.