Feeding rations for dairy cows using precise agriculture

LOUČKA, Radko, VÝBORNÁ, Alena, TYROLOVÁ, Yvona, ŘEHÁK, Dalibor, KOUKOLOVÁ, Veronika, KUBELKOVÁ, Petra, JANČÍK, Filip and HOMOLKA, Petr. Feeding rations for dairy cows using precise agriculture. Náš chov, 2020, vol. 80(3), p. 68-72. ISSN 0027-8068.
CathegoryPublication in specialized journals
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The trial included 32 Holstein dairy cows with an average milk yield of 10,005 litres in the previous lactation. In each group, 8 were selected for sampling rumen fluid and of which in each group 4 for monitoring the pH and temperature in rumen boluses eCOW use. The experimental period lasted 12 weeks, respectively 4 periods after three weeks. In the first period, group A received a ration (TMR) with a control (K) compound feed (KS) D01K and a group B TMR with a KS D01R containing 5% of formulation R. At the end of each period, the KS was replaced. Dairy cows, fed a ration experimental group was statistically significant (P 0.05) was the amount of milk milked. Key words: rumen; milk; feeding; pH; bolus eCOW